Consider for now this to be the Beta II version of Spider covered headlights with actual outer rims.

The detailed color Installation Sheets have not been completed. Additionally while tentative prices are listed, they are (as the saying goes) subject to change. ACS is also not clear as to when Alfa / Pininfarina changed the tooling for the front cowling which affected the headlamp nacelle and consequently the fit of the covers. It is currently believed the change took place between the 2nd and 3rd Series which would make it roughly between 1981 and 1982.

In all immodesty, ACS / BR (Biba Restorations) feel this is the most attractive and user friendly solution for the covered head lamps given currently available hardware. ACS has gone to great lengths to make it as much "like it really should be" as possible. A small but significant item is the pair of screws which retain the cover's forward "hook". The Carello supplied ones have oversized heads and are awkward looking. Using SAE polished stainless screws, they now look correct.

Though seldom needed, should a bulb require changing, remove the screws holding the front retaining hook and the one retaining the outer rim, loosen three small screws on the inner rim, and the headlamp bulb is ready to be replaced. More importantly, the lamps can be adjusted by removing only the cover and rim screws.


These are the parts required for one covered headlamp installation. You supply the bucket, wiring, headlamp base/spring, and inner rim.

For ACS' deluxe kit, all other items, along with detailed color Installation Sheets are supplied.

The tentative price which includes a pair of Cibie 7"-HCR lamps and H4 bulbs along with all parts shown on the left is $573-.

While not wanting to discourage you, trimming of parts (though not the body itself), some grinding and drilling of holes close to edges will be required, i.e., it will be a challenge. But take your time, follow the instructions carefully, and you'll no doubt enjoy the process, and will be pleased with the final results.

BR likes everything to look right and work smoothly so has the inner rims and springs zinc plated, the inner rims polished, and the buckets sandblasted and painted.

Above is the base kit which also includes the detailed color Instruction Sheets. The tentative price is $449-
Should you only require the rims, hardware (less front hooks/screws), and Instruction Sheets - $258-
Will they fit? A good bodyman should be able to insure the covers will fit on any Series 1 through 4 Alfa Spider. This does not mean a minimal amount of plastic filler might not be required.
Cover loaners: ACS has a pair of older covers which we can ship to you by Priority Mail, but must have back within ten days. A $200 deposit via PayPal is required. Once returned and if in good condition, ACS will deduct $25 for shipping (to, though not return) including PayPal fees, and will immediately return the remainder of your deposit.| ACS Accessory Parts Home Page
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