This Double-Bubble was initially used as a street car and extensively in Cal-Club events. The second owner purchased it in 1962, using it daily for a number of years before beginning restoration in the early 70's. While some work was accomplished, it was not until the early 90's when Biba Restorations was asked to complete the rebuild.

Fortunately the majority of the difficult to find Zagato and Abarth items came with the car. Many components of the steel sub-structure were repaired or replaced before the hand formed aluminum body was reworked. Both the inner steel and outer aluminum rocker panels were fabricated along with other panels during the bodywork phase.

Also on the exterior, the bumperettes were rewelded, reformed, and polished; new Plexiglas headlight covers were molded; and virtually every component required extensive hand work to restore to, or better than, original .


The cracked steering wheel was repaired and polished; holes in the aluminum dash filled; custom faces for the Jaeger instruments were produced; a pair of original Zagato seats were found and recovered in materials similar but in higher quality than originally used.

The primarily black interior was designed to display the precision components Zagato fabricated or specified during the building of these low volume cars. Instrument bezels were chromed, aluminum door kick plates and transom panels were machine turned, and all door handles were polished.



The original engine was partially built up so the new owner could use as a display piece. It included the large
(relatively speaking) valve 600 head, special air cleaner, and original generator.

The engine installed utilized a 600D block combined with an 850 head, carburetor, alternator, and distributor.
It certainly couldn't be mistaken for an overly powerful engine, however it far exceeded the 44hp
(not to mention reliability) of the original 750 engine.

The wrinkle finished five gallon gas tank matched the dash, held in place by chromed straps,
and serviced by a chromed quick release filler cap which the second owner had installed.
The hood aluminum bezel was also machine turned to match the interior components,
and a slightly taller battery was installed to allow for the higher engine compression.

Perhaps not a daily driver, but a vehicle still waiting to give considerable aesthetic and sensory pleasures.

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