Biba Restorations is quite proud to present this refurbished 1960 (101) Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce.
Giulietta has been a two year project for this firm and one which went screaming into the night declaring, "Don't turn me into a garage queen!"

Fortunately the owner of the Spider for over 30 years, Joe Hart (small plug) of Hart Winery in Temecula, CA and BR were essentially on the same 'wave-length'. Perhaps not a garage queen, but let's make Giulietta young once again and if possible make all of the myriad parts which make up, even a 40 something car, all work in unison. The goal was to ensure the car would be a pleasure to drive and look magnificent.

Let's be candid. A '69 Alfa Spider is considered a reasonably modern car around here. A '60 Alfa is felt to be pretty vintage. Perhaps they didn't have all the answers, but Alfa Romeo made great engineering strides between the mid 50's and mid 60's when these cars were initially introduced.

This certainly does not mean the cars became any more exciting, just that they were less hand-built and would, as it turns out, become considerably more restoration friendly. (Note: A very relative comment).

Fast forward: Well over 500 photos were taken during the restoration of this Spider. How best to show them to a potential client or an avowed do-it-yourselfer?

Hopefully photos and comments used in this series will give everyone a good idea of what was involved.



First in class, first time out.



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