This '67 Spider had been converted to a race car early in its life.
It had suffered the usual dings and bangs (slings and arrows?) before it came to Biba Restorations.

Some progress had been achieved, but there was much which needed completing before it could become a viable vintage racer.

Considerable detail work, both 'in house', and using outside resources resulted in being accepted by the local vintage racing association tech on its first inspection.



* A custom roll cage was installed.
* Custom windshield was fabricated and installed
* The later pendulum brake / clutch system was fabricated and installed along with custom stainless brake hard lines, Earl's fittings, and Tilton interior variable brake bias adjuster.
* Rebuilt transmission and locking differential were installed.
* A 2000cc engine complete with 45DCOE Webers with over 155 hp at the rear wheels was part of the system.
* It received a remote oil filter along with oil cooler.
* Custom wire loom was designed and fabricted.
* Included were special springs and adjustable control arms.
* Sparco seat, Sabelt 5-point harness, and suede covered steering wheel helped complete the interior.
* Mold was made of the heavy trunk lid to make a lighter fiberglass replica (Inquire).
* Fire system and racing fuel cell were installed as required.


 There are purists and there are those who want to achieve all they can out of their cars.
Most time trial / racing clubs bump the driver / car up to the next class if it is modified or going too fast for its class.
Biba Restorations welcomes building a car to the owner's specifications based on this system.

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