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When this delightful Round-Tail Alfa Spider arrived at Biba Restorations there were several stickers on the windshield.
During the restoration process all were removed, save one. It read Peter Satori of Pasadena.
True, the decal had cracked and separated over the years...yet it helped set the tone for the entire restoration process.
The client's, both in the legal profession, had purchased the car new from Satori's. Under their care
the car was driven, enjoyed, then put aside as they drove both more powerful European and practical American cars.
Perhaps with the memory of the movie The Graduate encouraging them...
they chose to have their Alfa refurbished as it once was.

 Heat and sun do not bode well for original Alfa interiors. Why not have the seats recovered in the delightful aroma
of high-quality leather, the transmission tunnel recovered in German 100% wool carpeting,
and every last item in the interior refurbished to as good as new or even better?

Along with a car living in the hills of west Pasadena opportunistic rodents saw the Spider as a likely haven,
not to mention the usual dings and dents encountered through the decades, Biba Restorations had their work cut out.
The dual brake system, used by Alfa for only the '69 and early '70 model years was among the more challenging aspects
of preparing the car to once again becoming a reliable member of the couple's interesting stable.


Please note this Spider
is one of the featured
cars in the new book,
Original Alfa Romeo
by Chris Rees
with photography by
James Mann.

Photographs of it are:
Contents page,
pages 6 & 41 thru 47.

We feel the goals were achieved.

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