Biba Restorations Project Round-Tail
1969 Alfa Romeo Spider (AR1481159)

Please Note: This Spider is For Sale...

By far the majority of our restorations on Alfas have been owned by the client for many years, even since new. This car has been in the shop for some time and is now considered an old friend who now needs a new lease on life.

BR over time, has not only decided to turn this Spider into a company project but has refurbished many of the items, bought new parts, and found many (not all) of the missing or unusable items.

The engine in the car was semi-frozen (would only partially turn) and was a non-original 2 liter (rather than a 1750) in any event. A 1750 could have been sourced but BR had a slightly used later 2 liter engine available which we'd put on over 1,000 trouble free miles.

Work on the engine began to simply 'dress it up' a bit. Since there was no client to decline something which is very near and dear to us, the engine was detailed to the nth degree.

Visit the site. While agreeing the cars are meant to be driven we feel especially the original Series 1 Round-Tails not only deserve to be lovingly restored but to some degree be treated as the works of art which they truly are.

As long as our time, patience, and resources hold out, this Round-Tail will be restored as to how we feel it should be. Additionally we have the arrogance to feel it will be the way they should have been when viewed on the dealers showroom floors in the first place
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Perhaps horrifying the purists, BR's companion company, AlfaCyberSite sells some pretty cool items which will be incorporated.

Expect to see a pair of Talbot mirrors installed - not on the doors, but forward of the windshield. Count on a pair of diagonal seat belts installed along with Carello headlamp covers using a special mounting technique for the buckets and our NOS vintage Cibie headlamps. Since they include a 4W City Lamp, they might be used as subtle daytime running lamps (the cars are quite low - especially compared to a SUV).

Seats: Who wants to have their legs totally unsupported for anything over 30 miles? ACS is working on a special thigh support bolster. Also under consideration is a steering wheel spacer should your legs be longer, but arms shorter than the typical Italian driver of the late 60's.

To give a bit more warmth to the interior, most likely carpeting will be installed. Yes, of course it will still be a sports car. Fortunately Alfa never bought into bolt on side windows, or build-a-tent tops (most likely in a downpour), so why can't the floors be a wee bit more elegant than rubber? The center tunnel and transmission cover always look smart in their quality carpeting.

As of this writing except for the running gear and suspension, the car is virtually stripped.

Please visit the following: Agonizingly detailed heater rebuild ; refurbished & painted items along with repaired and polished or chromed items, along with extensive new rubber items.

Do stay tuned. Comments welcomed.

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