For Sale, as is - $7,750

Original condition but with some bodywork completed

Why selling as is: As of this writing, BR has considerably too much work in the shop to be able to restore this great example of the last year of the Round-Tails.

Typical project car: Frequently dismantled cars become a nightmare for a buyer. BR hears of 'projects' that have the dismantled, greasy, engine in the trunk, along with an assortment of parts that might or might not (generally the latter) contain all of the parts needed to rebuild the car.

Suggest some experience: This project is not recommended for an Alfa novice. If you plan on competing the Spider and you've worked on cars, the remaining work should not be difficult.

Visit: It would be ideal if you are within a fairly short driving distance from Irwindale, CA (10 miles East of Pasadena).

What's on the boxes: If it isn't obvious by the boxes, all of the smaller parts for a specific area of the car are in that box . - engine bay, interior, etc. They are two deep.

Bodywork: The floors have been professionally patched, along with the majority of the bodywork.

Completed items: All of the chrome and stainless have been repaired and polished or chromed at the cost of over $!,800.All of the fasteners, etc. have been zinc plated. Many rubber parts have been sourced, along with numerous hours spent on refurbishing and painting most of the metal and plastic parts. The 2-piece Ansa exhaust is NOS. Never installed.

Major items: The windshield is in quite good condition as is the dashboard which has fasteners for a tonneau cover.The trunk even has most of the original paint color code intact. The top mechanism is in good condition.

Parts: BR cannot guarantee all parts are there. However if something is missing, contact BR and most likely the part can be found and shipped to you

Engine and transmission: The engine below is from a '79 2000 with roughly 45K miles on it. The oil pan was removed and needed only slight cleaning. The 79's transmission shifts well and is included. The thermostatic actuator is missing. The original selling price was $8K. Thus BR has saved you the trouble of trying to negotiate the price down.

A semi frozen, early stripped 2000 engine with transmission are currently in the car and included.

1750 engine: The refurbished 2000 engine's periphials are all from a 1750. The only external items that are not 1750 are the spin on oil filter and newer Spica pump.

Larger items: Items such as the top and seats are also readily available.

Title: There is a clear CA title. It has been in continuous non-operational status. This means that all you will have to pay is the registration fee for the year the Spider becomes road-worthy.

Note: The Spider currently has a fiberglass hood. It will be replaced with the original one Additionally the left light bowl has been modified for my version of a covered headlamp with chrome rim.

Should you be interested in either/or It can be discussed after the purchase of the Spider has been finalized.

'69 1159 Spider storage boxes. They are two deep.
All items, for instance, removed from the interior
have been placed in the interior boxes, etc.

Fortunately this Spider came quite complete, though it had been
sitting outside for sometime with the top down. Thus the rust in the floorboards.
It had received several fairly large dents which have mostly been worked out.
Interior rust has been professionally patched. All wiring has been designated
as to its location.


Please contact Biba Restorations if you are seriously interested and/or wish to look at the car. Please give BR at least two days before you would like to visit.

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