Obviously a good candidate for restoration. Having been parked early in its life near the ocean in Southern California, later in a dampish garage quite some distance from CA, it did have some fairly severe surface rust issues. One of the best things about this vehicle is the client had owned it for a number of years. BR does have difficulty with those owners who have just purchased a car, often for a great deal of money, then (mentally) include this amount in the restoration fees / costs. Both costs are totally separate and should remain so.


(l) "Deplaning" upon the Spider's 2500 mile trip.

(r) Original grill could not be saved so quality reproduction one was sourced. Final grill is critical to have during the bodywork stage to insure a close fit.


(l) Body in primer before final sanding.

(r) Perhaps not the most sophisticated spray booth, but BR has successfully sprayed numerous cars here.

(l) The dual brake booster arrangement on '69 Spiders is quite complex. Perhaps you can see the numerous zinc coated hardlines snaking beneath and to the side. These are new Bosch boosters.

(r) Though the battery, radiator overflow bottle, and air box have not been installed, the engine bay is fairly complete.


(l) Right front forward wheel well detail. Note new Konis and aftermarket springs, along with careful undercoating.

(r) Though lid was repainted note the original paint sticker. Both on the interior and trunk, rubber mats were custom fitted. Not shown on the right is the electric antenna unit with special exterior mounting.


(l) BR custom cuts and installs a dense, thick, reinforced mylar backed padding to minimize both interior heat and sound.

(r) Completed interior. Note custom installed, subtle speakers for the modified Blaupunkt radio. The leather shift lever boot was also specially made.

 Hopefully within these photos you can see Biba Restorations attention to detail in all aspects of the restoration itself. While BR strives for complete originality, along with the the client's input, slight variations can be introduced to enhance the aesthetics, mechanics, or comfort level. BR has developed a covered headlamp system which utilizes period correct rims. The car sits about one inch lower than original thanks to aftermarket springs on all four corners. Trust us though, these hubcaps are correct.

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