Biba Restorations uses several quality firms which assist when there is major accident damage. Once the vehicle's main components have been pulled into shape, we take over.

First, let's talk about Alfettas, especially GTs.

With little difficulty you can pick up a fairly complete one for $250, and a reasonable runner for $600. Who, in their right mind would ever go to this much effort or expense to restore one?

Perhaps someone who had owned the car for 12 years when the accident happened and knew a good car when he saw it. True, he owns a restoration shop, but that's beside the point.

Please visit the Alfetta GT site for additional comments.

The bottom line: If you have a car you love, you'll always regret never having restored it to at least the point of being streetable.


  In keeping with BR's strict guideline of retaining this car as it left the factory, except for such minor details as the exterior color, Euro bumpers and engine, etc., the interior has been kept stock. Only the front seats have been recovered with the inclusion of thigh bolsters, a 15.25" (yes larger than original) leather covered steering wheel along with a Momo shift lever knob, and a Panasonic radio / CD player with, of course, a remote.

This daily driver has had the front lowered, Cromodora 5-star rims installed, and body color Euro stainless bumpers have replaced the 60 pound bumpers. In the engine bay, the Spica unit was replaced with 40DCOE Webers, Euro inlet manifold air box / air cleaner; performance rank 10 cams, and a MarelliPlex electronic ignition system has been added. The block will soon be rebuilt using 10:1 pistons / liners.

Biba Restorations takes pride in 'sweating the details' on our street restorations - even for daily drivers.

Parking in the corner (as usual) in the Alfa Corral at Concorso Italiano in '98.
Extensive exterior, engine, and drivetrain work had been completed less than 24 hours before this photo was taken.

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