Astutite observers will note Biba Restorations Only works on European vehicles from the 50's to the mid 70's.
However when challenged with the requirements of taking an already pristine GTV-6
to the very high end of street restoration, what can we say?

 There were a few chips on the driver's exterior side and below the rear deck. A seemingly simple request to fix them. The interior side door panel required removing so the electric mirror could be removed along with the side molding. Of course the rear bumper, taillights, license plate / lights also had to be removed.

Chips were filled and sanded, all was masked, and a special mix paint, immediately followed with clear-coat was blendeded in.

Then following only a few days curing, all was reinstalled so this silver GTV-6 could be entered into it's first of many Alfa concours.

Yes, of course, it won a blue ribbon.

After a small amount of oil was observed in the radiator reservoir the heads were removed, given the Sperry Stage II treatment, the timing belt / detensioner were replaced, and a custom oil bypass from block to heads was installed to alleviate future head gasket problems.

The entire car was carefully detailed, including the interior, attributing to many more blue ribbons.

Not leaving well enough alone, a Tom Zat, Alfa Heaven, reconfigured 'black box' was installed to allow higher revs. Shankle temporary 'test pipes' helped alleviate back pressure and add a definite authority to the GTV-6's exhaust.

This GTV-6 experienced the skid-pad / Streets of Willow Springs, CA and a (concours) Best of Show, all in the same month.

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