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Ah to be young again. This photo of the B in BR was taken not long after Biba Restorations opened its doors in 1993. Hair's shorter, car's completed , the walls have been filled in with stuff - mostly Alfa stuff.

What's a guy to do who had his own photography & graphic design firm for a number of years, had also been an advertising agency art director, liked to work with his hands, was very detail oriented, then along came the insidious tide of computer designed everything?

Step back and go retro.

Vintage Car Restoration in Irwindale CA

Not previously mentioned was a long time hands on interest in interesting European cars. So get a shop and get to work.

Should someone be looking for validation of their consideration for hiring Biba Restorations to restore their car, this might not be terribly satisfying but really does sum it up pretty well.

Any car restored by Biba Restorations should look really pretty darn good. Too technical? Okay, how about any car which leaves these premises won't get you a trophy at a high-end concours though won't embarrass your being there.

Unfortunately this still requires two things: Time and money. Allow us both and you will not be disappointed.

That said, BR's costs are well below industry standards. The primary concern here is as much completing a project as it should be, but also with cost considerations in mind.

Enough cannot be said if a potential client has just purchased a car they always dreamed o f owning. Just as it might have been very nice to have purchased stock early in a small company which has now increased significantly in value, the same is true with the automobile you supply us. Let's assume you just recently paid top dollar at either a live or eBay auction for the base car. The cost of that particular vehicle's restoration fees does not change one lire.

Now let's assume you own a '69 Alfa Spider. It originally sold for $3600. In today's dollars this would be around $24000. Think hard, do you feel any restoration shop can now remove virtually every component, replace all worn items, refurbish all the others, and successfully complete for anywhere close to this figure? Please be realistic regarding the demands of the process.

In summation, Alfa's are especially undervalued jewels. If either you have owned one for a long time, or recently purchased your dream car, BR would like very much to work with you.

Vehicle Restoration in Irwindale CA Biba Restorations is located 12 miles East of Pasadena, CA. If you'd care to discuss your restoration directly, please email and you will be given directions. Would appreciate seeing the car if possible. If a visit is not convenient, please send photos reduced to 504 pixels (7") @ 72 dpi. BR's Mac is also retro.

Shops pictured here are directly across from BR's. No, that is not neon.

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