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 Lead Loading

Anyone with an ounce of bodywork knowledge knows the only way to 'do it properly' is by using lead loading. (see photo on right)

If the car is worth it, this is the only way to do it the thinking goes.

The car on the right is the oldest surviving XKE 'drop head'. In the cars first month at Martin Robey Engineering, a marathon 800 man hours were spent in preparation for the 2001 Geneva Motor Show. This probably equates to at least $80,000 + cost of materials.

Therein lies the crux of the matter.



Take the '79 Alfa Spider above. Quite frankly most owners would have walked away from the situation. This particular owner has made the decision to have the Spider returned to its original state.

Quite frankly we must say this is more of an emotional decision than a financially astute one, but is rewarding to see an owner have his personal 'first of the marque' saved from oblivion.

There truly are only so many left.


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Photo excerpted from Jaguar (Jaguar Cars Ltd)

While you'd probably rather not...
consider plastic filler.

Biba Restorations readily admits the 'work in progress' photo of the XKE is quite impressive. True, those pits are going to have to be filled with something, but nevertheless it appears to be all of a piece.

However, the only way to reasonably save the car on the left (and even the Alfa Giulietta Spider Veloce below) is to use plastic filler once all of the necessary panels have been repaired / replaced.

Let's make an assumption for the moment. Your own car appears reasonably straight, but in fact has numerous high and low spots. This is not the easiest situation in any circumstance. It requires extensive filler (of any kind) and many man hours to 'reshape the body to its original configuration.

A skilled worker knows exactly how much filler to add, then using his eye, but more importantly his hand, levels the filler to smooth out all of the high spots.

No matter what medium he is working in, he knows to clean and 'file' the base properly, then prep the surface so the material used will maintain its integrity long after the car has been completed and returned to its owner.


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