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Biba Restorations goal is to provide not only high quality restoration standards, but professional financial information so the client always has up to date information.

Shown here is a final estimate / invoice from a recent project.

  Car Restoration Shop in Irwindale CA

Initial Project Analysis:
It is a given no two jobs are exactly alike - not even when a model is identical or similar to one/ones BR is very familiar with. For various reasons, mainly how carefully a car was maintained in the past, missing parts, etc., there is little to compare one project from another. Since each restoration is unique, the project must be tailored to the specific needs of the individual car, and to the priorities of the owner. While the history of other completed projects helps, there is no way to determine at the outset what specific needs a particular car might have. In the final analysis, the car's needs determine the ultimate financial outlay, along with the client's specific instructions, both of which affect the restoration's timeline.

Project List:
An initial estimate is prepared once BR has a chance to get a more informed idea as to what will be required. This is not a closed end quote. BR proceeds using this client approved estimate as our guide. Billing is on a time-plus-materials basis.

As noted above, it is difficult to provide meaningful estimates for extensive restoration and service work. The initial to-do list for a project will inevitably expand as the work progresses. This can be the result of conditions that BR uncovers during the disassembly process and/or of an owner's evolving requests. Consequently, the time and money required for the complete job needs to be adjusted as work progresses.

Since Biba Restorations is a small shop, the general rule is "first come, first served". There are several situations which can change this, but in any event, the car is complete when it has been mutually determined as so by both BR and the client - not by a predetermined date.

Around the 25th of the month you will receive a detailed list of parts, outside services, and labor charges either completed or anticipated for the following month. It is assumed your check will arrive by the 5th of the following month, whether you are "out of town" or merely very busy. Should unresolved differences arise, the car will be placed in storage, along with attending fees until the issue has been resolved. Until then "the next in line" car then becomes the shop's priority.

BR strongly recommend's that you carry full coverage insurance on your car while it is in our shop, in storage, or being transported.

Our Responsibility:
BR will work closely with you throughout the project to insure the car you ultimately receive is every bit what you initially expected and hopefully more. There is no guarantee your car will result in such an increased value it will match your expenditure.

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