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Classic Car Restoration in Irwindale CA

Classic Car Restoration in Irwindale CA

Why BR offers only 'complete' restorations

Except for the front and rear suspension, the car is stripped to the bone before beginning bodywork.

BR is extremely careful when masking, but there is no substitute for being able to complete bodywork, primer, painting, color sanding, and polishing with only a minimal number of items impinging on the work.

Should someone come to us with primarily bodywork and painting in mind, please visualize the removal, cleaning, replacement of the engine and transmission (in order to paint the engine bay and interior). It is a rare (at least Alfa) engine and transmission which doesn't require at least new oil seals, along with new clutch plate, and throwout bearing - let alone a complete rebuild.

BR also feel the engine bay should be as pristine as the rest of the car. Miminally the engine and engine bay's peripheral (exterior) items should be removed and completely refurbished before installing.

This same thinking goes for the interior and trunk area.

There simply are no shortcuts to properly restoring and detailing every item of a car. Note, even the windshield wiper mechanism is removed, cleaned, and replaced.

Doesn't it make sense to replace all items only after they have been refurbished?

Some feel the most cost effective way to restore a car is to have their mechanic rebuild the engine and transmission; an upholstery shop take care of the interior and possibly the top; have their tire shop install new tires and balance. Then take it to the body / paint shop to 'freshen up' the exterior.

Herein lies the problem: Should you want a really nice car after completion, the bodywork and paint will be by far the most complex, time-consuming, and expensive items. Additionally, all of the items which have just been removed, refurbished, and replaced - now need to be removed again.

This assumes, of course, you want a quality job.

It should be pointed out you will be paying double for many, many hours of labor.

The continuity factor...

Does the quality of the completed exterior workmanship match the 'fresh' engine, interior, top, and tires? Or does it now make much of the work you had done and spent so much time dropping off and picking up your car, look rather anemic?

Don't blame Biba Restorations if our standards are considerably higher than other's.

We visualize the entire car completed close to the quality of the car's workmanship when it left the factory, or better, and work towards that end.

If you've roved around this site, you'll notice a preponderance of Alfa Spiders.

Biba Restorations must confess our speciality is not only Italian cars, or Alfa Romeos, or Spiders, but 1969 Alfa Romeo Osso di Seppia (cuttle bone / Series 1) Spiders.

Speaking of a speciality, within a speciality, within a speciality...

We're flexible, BR will consider any Spider from a 101 up to a Series 3 '79 Alfa Spider. Should your car by chance have a metal top, we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Shipping your car to us.

Please consider Biba Restorations, especially for your Series 1 Spider, even if you live some distance from Southern California.

One should be able to ship it to us on an open carrier for around $700, then returned in a closed one for around $1,100 (assuming East Coast). Or you could fly out and drive it home. Yes, a fair amount of money, but rather you want to hear this or not, a pretty small percentage for a complete restoration with a firm who specializes in these cars...

 Classic Car Restoration Company

"BR visualizes the entire car completed
close to the quality of the car's workmanship
when it left the factory...or better."

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