Biba Restorations


 Carello headlamp as installed on a
1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce.
(Note rubber edging on 'whisker').

 Carello headlamp on low beam.

 Original Lucas PL Tripod headlamp.
 Lucas headlamp on low beam.

 Vintage (NOS) Cibie headlamp with city lamp.
Cibie headlamp on low beam (tungsten bulb).

Carello headlamps are available from Re-Originals @ $140 each & $18 per R2 45/40W tungsten bulb + S & H.

Reproduction Lucas PL (sans name) tripod headlamps are available from Moss Motors @ $150 + $7 per (?) bulb.

Cibie vintage headlamps (#7"-CRA) are available from (a part of Biba Restorations) @ $88 each & $15 per 45/40W Halogen bulb (incorporates P45 base with modern H4 bulb - virtually twice as bright as the equivalent tungsten bulb). Or, 60/55 Halogen bulb (not recommended for 'generated' cars) @ $19 ea., or 40/45 tungsten bulbs @ $12 each (why would you?). City lamp bulbs are $2.75 ea.

The city lamp bulbs, along with a pair of grommets, and instructions for installing on a Giulietta will be included at no charge if: (A) Avoid emailing (B) Do the math: ( $224 which includes two headlamps, two 40/45 halogen bulbs, two grommets, instructions & S & H) & (C) Pay by PayPal.

The headlamp is a ten minute job at best. Adding the City Lamp adds about 20 minutes per side. You will need an electric drill, several feet of two different colored 16 gauge wires, & four 'quick disconnect' female spade connectors.

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