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Perhaps not the most earth shattering decision a restorer of a Giulietta / Giulia will confront, but the question is whether to leave the rear seam 'merely' painted or to install rear edging.

Biba Restorations (as one can see) chose to install the edging along with the polished triangular end caps.

The edging originally supplied on these cars had exposed steel inside the rubber exterior so as to tightly clamp on the seam.

Obviously this was (and still can be) a rust trap waiting to happen. The material supplied today (perhaps there are other sources, but Re-Originals - 713-849-2400 stocks the edging) has the metal, now aluminum, completely encased in neoprene.

Additionally there are inner seals, top and bottom, which should keep out most moisture.

Those still concerned with rust can apply a liberal amount of rubber grease on the seam, or a heavy coating of wax before installing the edging.

While it doesn't show in the lower photo, the polished end pieces do show - otherwise one has a raw seam on the ends and the seam is evident every time one opens their trunk lid.

BR has no vested interest in this detail, except to say we believe in bringing back these increasingly rare cars to as close to their original state as possible and practical. | Biba Restorations | ACS Parts / Accessories Home Page
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