Antique Car Restorations in Irwindale CA

Biba Restorations, specializes in recreating
1950's to 1970's Alfa Romeos,
is on its 24th year in the same location.

Car Restorations in Irwindale CA
Dual Sr.Talbot mirrors.

BR is a small shop, and with our reputation
for high standards of fit and finish, should you
want us to restore your
Alfa Romeo, please contact us via email soon.
While not long, there curently is a list of owners
waiting to bring us their Alfa.

BR considers every item on your car as a project in itself.

Antique Car Restorations in Irwindale CA 1958 750 Spider with 1750 engine;
5-Speed transmission; 123 electronic distributer;
dual Weber DCOE carbs; mini alternator.

Except for leather seats ;
Nardi steering wheel; and somewhat longer shift lever,
the rest is original.

101 Original type padded dash and interior.

1962 101 interim Giulia with1300 engine brought out to 1400cc
Weber downdraft replaces original Solex carburetor.

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'69 Spider Heater Rebuild
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Alfa Stage 7 Engine Prep
Giulietta Rear Edging
History of Alfa Spiders

Spider Super Sport Project
BR Project '69 Spider
B.A.T.'s at Pebble Beach
Double-Bubble Semi Nude

Should you wish to consider Biba Restorations on a forthcoming project, please email giving details regarding your car.
The following info. would be helpful: Make, model, year, where you are located, and how we can be of assistance.

As impersonal as it is, email is considerably more helpful in getting to know details along with the photos of your Alfa. Once BR
has an understanding of the car's needs, then if you'd like, a phone call would be helpful to get to know you, the client.

It would be helpful for the both of us if you visit Restoration Fees , Full Restorations Only and Background & Comments before contacting BR. | ACS Parts & Accessories Home Page

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